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For now everything is fine with Chrome, IE9  and IOS devices.
If your browser doesn't support html5 and h264 you won't be able to see videos.






LDgen (video coming soon)
This Houdini tool was created to help level designers to quickly iterate on levels prototypes.
No need to learn complex 3d tools. The only input is a 2d map (photoshop, illustrator, or even paint) then the map is processed and that's it !
Two different models are  generated, one visual (with sidewalk, streetlights, trees, windows, etc, and one collision mesh low as possible. 
Terrain can be based on a noise pattern, a heightfield map, or directly painted.


To scan people speed is the most important factor.
Pushing my rig to the limit I can get decent results in les than 15sec wich make extreme poses possible.
Next step is to grab texture at the same time.
(it's me on this one :)



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